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Just Jules Arts specialises in Contemporary Art and Spiritual Healing. Jules strives to bring beauty and happiness to all around her.

Art and well being - two subjects that naturally go together, and Just Jules Arts seeks to combine the joys discovered in the medium of painting and creative expression to present a way of life that is, wholly, about finding out who ‘we’ are and how we relate to the world around us. Having spent many years in the corporate world, Jules and husband James have now left the city behind, relocating to Slapton, Devon - an area of outstanding Natural Beauty, to find inspiration and inspire others to share and discover more about themselves too.

Not only does Jules use the creative arts as an outlet for her need to express her beliefs, she, through an invaluable time spent in Florence embracing the Renaissance in its widest context, has become a respected practitioner in holistic healing. Using her intuitive abilities to aid both mental and physical well-being. And in this ever more pressured world this passion to help others find harmony and a sense of who they are has found its natural place in the South Hams. Dedicated to nature and bringing knowledge, experience and love for beauty in all things to produce items and offer guidance to increase our awareness of who we are, our place in this world and what we can be… everything, naturally yours.

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