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Innate Counselling & Psychotherapy

Providing a Counselling and Psychotherapy service for the people of Torbay, Teignbridge and the South Hams.

You might be feeling sad, depressed and anxious, struggling to understand how to help yourself, to find self acceptance, contentment, peace, clarity, freedom and perhaps meaning. Counselling might be helpful for you. Sometimes our thoughts, emotions and feelings can overwhelm us and we can become stuck in life and sometimes we just feel numb. A skilled Counsellor who can empathise and be authentic with you can often help you.

Intuitvely, I take a Person Centered approach which means that I believe that everyone has an infinate capacity for change, a desire for personal growth and autonomy, given the right conditions. I believe these are innate qualities within us all. I don't consider myself the expert on you and I won't necessarily direct the path you take, but I may help light the way. I don't judge you, typically known as Unconditional Positve Regard (UPR), I work to understand and feel what you are going through (Empathy) and I am authentic and genuine with you (Congruence).

I recognise and value the diversity and difference everyone brings to the world, and I believe that no one single approach to Counselling is sufficient, so my Person Centered Approach is integrated with other theories and philosphies such as Attachment, Psycho Social Development, Hierarchy of Needs, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Logotherapy, Existentialism, Mindfullness and Trans Personalism.

Ultimately, I work with you to establish an approach that you feel works for you.

I offer a free 30 minute face to face consultation, or by telephone if you would prefer. I do this so together we can get a sense of your needs and how to move forward should you wish to.

If you would like to find out more feel free to contact me to arrange your free 30 minute consultation.

38 Thurlow Road
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