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I am a professional website & graphic designer, with 25 years experience across multiple media industries.

Having recently moved to Totnes in Devon, I’m reaching out to all the businesses in the area to introduce myself... Hi, I'm Mike!

I feel strongly about community and face-to-face interaction; I enjoy working with local people and companies.

So... anything I can do for you?
Need a website?
Already have a website that disappoints?
Need a bit of visual work, such as logos and branding?
If so, get in touch for a chat. I will gladly offer a free initial consultation.

I build websites from the ground up. This allows me the freedom to create something original and dynamic. Do you have a vision for your website that doesn't conform to typical web designs? I can help you make the website you imagined.

A lovely looking website means very little when it feels sluggish to navigate. All my websites are snappy and responsive as well as secure.

So you have a great new website! But at some point you are going to want to change something, right? It’s very important to me that the process for editing your websites is simple and quick.

I guarantee your website will look good on all devices, from small mobiles phones right up to large 4k screens.

Websites need maintenance to stay up-to-date and secure. If you would rather not have to worry about that, I offer a range of after-sales services, keeping your website in tip-top condition.

I’m passionate ( a little obsessive ) about websites being built properly. I won't ever throw together a website quickly and cheaply using a plethora of ready-made tools. Instead, I prefer a handcrafted approach.

Why is ‘quick and cheap’ a problem? Well, you can get a nice looking website slapped together in a few days at a low cost. But do you know how well your website is built under the bonnet?

Websites should be custom made to meet a client's exact needs. The result will always be a trim, fast and reliable experience.

I will lay out a clear series of milestones, only invoicing as each milestone is met and approved.

As part of the initial consultation, I can provide a report highlighting issues with existing websites. Additionally, I will outline how I propose to avoid these pitfalls.


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