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I offer reiki healing treatments and custom made tarot cards and radiesthesy readings.

Welcome to my page.

Firstly, about reiki: it improves physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. It acts on:
Improving the immune system
Releasing emotional stress
Cell repair
Help in coping with difficulties
Enzyme function
Oxygen uptake
Absorption of nutrients
Wound repair
Pain relief
Addictive behaviour
Releasing of endorphins
Reducing negative effects of chemotherapy
Bringing a sense of well-being and calm
An so on…

And now, I should tell you a few things about me; it's fair, because you tell me so many things about yourself.
Intuitive / Empathic / From a very intuitive family/Psychology student at 'The Open University'/Battled, bruised and analyzed since 1974/Balanced / Peaceful/Don't own a TV set / Quit watching TV in 2011/I do not take myself too seriously/I take everyone of my clients seriously./
My name is Mihaela Albu, which translated is Mihaela “The white”. In my family, every single person had different out of ordinary experiences. I’ve had quite a few, myself and around the age of 33, I finally came to accept how well my intuition works. Gradually, I welcomed all these out of ordinary occurrences and I have searched for explanations in various fields. I will describe these experiences in detail in a YouTube channel I'm working on.
I was born on 1974. I’ve been living in Scotland, in all 3 regions of Romania (Transylvania, Moldavia, Greater Walachia) and now I am in Torquay, England. I’ve been in each of the scenes illustrated in the tarot cards, at one point or another. I have met all the archetypes in the Major Arcane… I was in Hell and back, in Purgatory, but Heaven, also. I do understand a lot and sense a lot and I continuously search for more
Reiki is my main focus point at this moment in life, and I am constantly looking for strings evidence between the practical and the spiritual.

I offer reiki and readings face to face, or remotely, on Skype, telephone, email, whichever suits you best.

My website, if you'd like details
about reiki sessions: https://wheelofcreating.com/the-reiki-sessions/
and about readings: https://wheelofcreating.com/the-readings/

1 hour reiki treatment: £30
1 hour reading - £25
Pack of 4 reiki sessions: £105

Payments can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

If you want to know what people are saying about me type 'Wheel of creating' on Google or Yell, or Yably.

Sample reviews from the web:

'Fortune-creating indeed
Quick response, really gave me hope. If it is indeed us the ones creating our future, then after this reading I do feel I can create an amazing one. Thank you.' (Andreea)

'Oh, wow, after I left this place I felt like I was on a long holiday. It's restful and resourceful. On the long run, what I needed. Thank you.' (Georgiana)

'I must say Mihaela is spot on. How is that working, I don't know and I actually don't need to know. It is comforting for me to know Mihaela is always there for me. She always was. Hire her, you will thank me. :)' (Anna)

'Look at Mihaela's posts, at her website, her photos. If you feel any attraction to use her services, don't procrastinate, just go for it. That's what I did. I've met her on line and I was attracted to her profile. I just found Mihaela on the listing, no one recommended her to me, and I now find myself in the position to recommend her to others.' (Sarah)

Looking forward to hear from you. Everyone is welcome, with questions or bookings.

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